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A Single Cause for All Ailments Provides a Single Natural Cure!


Yes it’s true, a single or “root cause” for everything … literally!

  • Aging
  • Allergies
  • Energy loss
  • Migraines
  • Weight Gain or Loss (Inability to gain or lose weight)
  • Body blemishes such as stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite, liver spots, wrinkles, etc.
  • Syndromes and disorders such as CRF (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) or Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Digestive disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s, Acid Reflux, Celiac disease, Polyps, etc.
  • Poor eyesight, glaucoma, etc
  • Skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis or rosacea
  • Diabetes
  • All Cancer “types”
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • List any health concern here and it will apply

Why is this so important?  Because, if there is a single cause, then there is a single cure and it applies in all circumstances of post birth ailments.  That means, if you weren’t born with it, then it doesn’t belong.  And it makes no difference if you have a genetic predisposition for an ailment or not.  If it wasn’t expressing itself at the time of your birth, then it doesn’t belong!

So how did we get to this state, this condition of illness or weight imbalance?  I think we all understand that, over time, our bodies breakdown.  We go from healthy to experiencing such things as low energy, weight issues, illness of some sort or showing the tell tale signs of aging.  So how did we get where we are now?  The short answer is, “the gradual breakdown of our body.”

Unfortunately, this is where we tend to stop our “productive” research and begin the process of chasing and treating symptoms.

Example:  We know our body is breaking down.  We don’t actually know why.  We just assume it’s an issue of time (aging) or genetics so we accept it.  Then we turn our attention to our symptoms and this is where the real horror begins.

Naturally, most of us are focused on our symptoms because they cause us suffering.  Unfortunately, we have been so conditioned to look at health through the eyes of industrial medicine (symptom chasing) that we can no longer see the forest for the trees!

Not sure this is true? Consider this …

When we go searching for our symptoms,  we are generally focused on finding a name for our illness and we are very often rewarded with a pretty heady mix of possibilities.   We then become so focused on figuring out which ailment applies to us that we completely ignore a primary fact.  All we’ve done is taken all of our symptoms, put them together in a neat little package and given them a name like Celiac or Leukemia.

At this point, whether on your own or under the care of a medical practitioner, you will begin the process of treating your ailment.  The thing is, you’re really only treating the group of symptoms that have been given the name of an ailment.

Basically, whether following the advice of a Doctor or winging it on your own, you are using products, prescriptions or lifestyle restrictions to make those symptoms go away.  That’s cure and it is a good thing, a very good thing indeed.  Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not an actual cure. It is more likely just something else to take for the rest of your life, which means you still have to spend the extra cash, modify your schedules and routines and, in general, continue doing what you’re already doing.

Cure, real cure, returns you to the healthy state you had prior to the appearance of the symptom/s.

So what’s the problem? Why aren’t we being offered cures? I think we all know that cure is not profitable but what we don’t realize is that it’s not even possible when you’re Chasing & Treating Symptoms!

Chasing & Treating Symptoms
does not tell you the cause of those symptoms.
When you chase symptoms, all you are doing is
Looking for Illness rather than Cause!

This is where we have been turned around a bit by Industrial Medicine. Industrial Medicine has us looking at symptoms, not “root cause.” Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you get online and search for a few core symptoms, the ones that are most pressing or bothersome. What you find, based on those symptoms, is that there is a very good chance you have Celiac disease. At this point you can finally say, “Now I know what is wrong with me! I know why I have these symptoms. It is because I have Celiac Disease!”

WRONG! Celiac Disease IS a symptom. Rather, it is a bunch of symptoms lumped together and given a name but they are still symptoms. And, you still have not gotten to the “root cause” of those symptoms whether you choose to lump them together and call them Celiac Disease or not.

Annnnd that’s it folks … game over. You have symptoms because you have Celiac Disease. Now you begin the process of “managing” your Celiac or any other disease, disorder or syndrome, for the rest of your life, never really living but not dying either, at least not right away. Why? Because, as most in the Medical Profession will tell you, there is no cure.

Now you’re caught in the Medical Loop, not realizing that you never did find out what actually caused your progressive bodily breakdown, the very breakdown that led to your current symptoms or disease.  And if you do ask what caused this breakdown, the answers are generally the same. You hear things like, “we don’t know” or “age.”  These should be considered “unacceptable” responses.  How can anything be cured without knowing the cause?

But even when we are given these responses and accept them without challenge, most of us will still go home and conduct our own research in the hope of finding our own cure.  Unfortunately, even our very own research turns up little and doesn’t usually lead to our cure because we are still using the same medical system of chasing & treating the symptoms instead of their “root cause.”

You cannot use the same system, a system that does not support cure, and expect that it will suddenly provide the cure you’re looking for.

Root Cause

Let’s go ahead and just put a stop to all this nonsense now.  It’s fear driven, stressful, expensive and not at all helpful.

Try this, … instead of searching for your symptoms and possible ailments then treatments, search for mineral deficiencies. I dare you to find one, single symptom or bodily effect that is not covered by some form of mineral deficiency.

In fact, if you were to search for mineral deficiencies instead of chasing symptoms, you would officially discover the “root cause” for every single bodily “wrongness” that exists (as long as you weren’t born with it).

And, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that this also addresses the body’s ability or inability to absorb other minerals and nutrients. You’ll see, for instance, that if you are Vitamin D deficient, you cannot absorb or make use of Calcium so even if you are supplementing with Calcium, you are still Calcium deficient and so on …..

Before you know it, even a minor nutrient deficiency, when left unaddressed, can turn into something much bigger!

And this is how a simple nutrient deficiency can, in time, cause all of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

Paints a much different picture doesn’t it? You know what else it does? It tells us that any syndrome, disorder, disease or even premature aging and weight issues, can be reversed!

That’s it folks. Your issues are simple mineral deficiency and nothing more. If you weren’t born with it then it doesn’t belong. It is the result of a breakdown in your body and that breakdown is not age. That’s ridiculous. Science now knows that even the aging process is just a symptom. It is a symptom of mineral deficiency, as are all symptoms.

A healthy body only begins to break down & become ill or age if it doesn’t get what it needs!

So this must mean that we can simply power down a whole host of minerals each day and we are healed, ya!   Welllll …… that would be nice; however, there are many of us who do that very thing.  In fact, a lot of us spend a great deal on supplements or medication or both.  We’ve modified our schedules and routines to include a constant focus on “concern” for our health by “needing” to take this or that or strictly restructuring our diets or, at the very least, believing that we need to and we still have health issues in some form or another. Why?

It is because each person has their own, unique mineral deficiencies and in their own, unique amounts. This also means that each person has their own, unique mineral requirements and amounts, including you.

Whether you use top quality products or not, if your body is not receiving what it needs in just the right amounts AND in proper form, it cannot absorb the other nutrients it needs, regardless how much you ingest.

So then, the only thing anyone needs is a means for determining their personal nutrient/mineral deficiencies and correcting them right?  Yes.  It really is that easy.

But how do you test … what do you test … and where do you test to discover your own, personal mineral deficiencies and the means to correct them?  That’s easy too.

You use RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) to test your urine and saliva from the privacy of your own home!

What is RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization)?

RBTI is a little known health modality that has been around since the 1970’s but, due to its high success rate, its founder Dr. Carey Reams was forced to move his practice to Europe. Remember, cure is not profitable.

RBTI success rateHis RBTI program is quite literally about how the body is …

  • Put together
  • Taken apart (illness) and…
  • Put back together again (healing, weight balance, rejuvenation).

This process of DE-generation and RE-generation is the key to healing and longevity, essentially “reversing the hands of time” and absolutely anyone can accomplish this at any time!

human cell_thmbDegeneration & Regeneration

The picture to the right is a single human cell.  The human body, your body, is comprised of trillions of these microscopic cells all stuck together to make you.

These cells of yours come in a variety of makes and models.  Some are skin cells, blood cells, heart cells, nerve cells, brain cells … you get the picture.  Every single part of your living structure is comprised of cells.  They are glued together, working in perfect harmony (our should be) to make the fabulous, living vehicle you call your body.

Make no mistake, your body IS fabulous, whether you are sick, overweight or aging prematurely … it is more amazing than you realize because it is already designed to heal itself!

How?  Well, it is precisely because it is comprised of cells that we can heal … from anything!  Unfortunately this does not apply to genetic/birth defects but, if you weren’t born with it, then it doesn’t belong!

Cellular Turnover

Science Fact:
We replace the cells of our body and, as long as this is true, we can heal!

Current research results are not yet clear on the exact cellular turnover rate for all the variety of cells of the body (liver cells, skin cells, blood cells, etc) or the body as a whole.

The primary reason for this is that the turnover rate can vary between people to such a degree that no solid conclusion can be drawn, only averages based on widely varying results.

However, results do show that the cells of the human body are definitely replaced.  This is true for all human beings.  Research even shows that heart and brain cells (neurons) are replaced, once thought not to be true.

Dr. Carey A. Reams, The Father of RBTI, said that an individual replaced their entire body weight in dead cells in a single year. (Reams, 1982)

In addition, our bodies have far more stem cells than was once thought.  Stem cells are undifferentiated cells.  That means they can become any kind of cell the body needs and they tend to duplicate themselves prior to replacing other cells.  This means that when they are called upon to replace a damaged cell, the stem cell will split into two stem cells.  One will be used to replace the dead, damaged or worn out cell and the other will be the reserve.  In this way the body is always able to maintain its level of available cells for cell replacement.  [Ch’ng, Q. (2000, September 29).

The human body is constantly regenerating and replacing cells
to maintain proper and efficient function.

Based on the research above, it is clear that the human body is designed to regenerate itself completely.  Amazing!

While this should be the process of healing or continued good health, it is more often the process of rapid, unnatural decay due to lack of the necessary energy to complete the healthy process of cellular turnover (replacing worn out cells with undamaged, healthy new ones).

If you don’t have enough energy, the cells cannot replicate in healthy fashion.  This causes incremental, progressive damage, meaning that with every turnover, the new cell is slightly more damaged than the cell it is replacing.  Now imagine all the cells of your body doing this over time.  That’s aging.

If this happens more or less in balance (all the cells of a person’s body are wearing out at the same general rate) then there is no one, single area that suffers to the point of destruction or disease and they appear to be aging gracefully. However, since there are very few people who continue to age in balance, we end up with certain areas of our body becoming more damaged than others. And this is where all those medically delicious illnesses, disorders, syndromes and diseases come from and yes, that includes weight issues. There are very few people who are born genetically under or over weight.


Any symptom you have is no more than a very specific part of your body getting much less energy than the rest of your body.  As the cells in that area lose energy, each turnover produces a more damaged cell resulting in accumulated damage.  Genetic predispositions are merely an area or gene that is already weak so will most likely suffer from energy loss first.

This means that syndromes, aging, illness, disease and even the decline in our body’s natural weight regulating systems are merely the result of accumulated cellular damage.  Just this.  No big mystery.  Symptoms by all their many names are merely the signs of this accumulated damage.

Yes, breakdown and deterioration happens with the passage of time but we should be living much longer and much healthier than we currently are.  We should not have as much accumulated damage as we do, as early in life as we do.  But can we truly reverse all the damage that has been done?

Yes! Provide the cells with the energy they need and symptoms will be experienced in reverse until the cells have become healthy again.

If you think this is Science Fiction, consider how a cut heals.  New, undamaged, healthy skin cells replace the damaged or scraped off cells.  We reverse damage all the time.  The difference is that healing a cut requires far less energy than say healing cancer.

So where do we get this Energy?

Let me ask you this, how do you get energy to fuel your body?  You eat, right?  That’s really all there is to it.  Cells need energy.  The only way they can get that energy is from the food you eat and the liquids you drink … period.

Then we should only need to eat healthy in order to get better right?  Well, yes and no.

Many people already know that nutrition is key to a healthy body so they eat incredibly healthy.

If all we need to do is eat healthy, then those of us who are already doing so should be cured and those who are not yet ill, should not become ill.  This is not what generally happens. Why?  Because, despite our healthy eating habits, we are still missing something, something unique to us, something our body needs desperately and probably has for some time.

Our bodies are designed specifically to run on what nature provides and nothing else. This means your body is not getting something specific to you, some mineral or nutrient or a combination of them (combinations are more likely).

And, as a further rub, when the body is not getting the specific nutrients it needs, it is not able to function efficiently enough to absorb and make use of other nutrients regardless how much we may consume. So all those supplement, no matter their high quality or high cost, simply cannot do the job they were intended to do.

*Note: For those who suffer from digestive issues, digestion is the bodily function that requires the greatest amount of energy so, when energy is lacking due to nutrient deficiency, digestive issues are among the first usually experienced.

Hard and Fast Rule of RBTI

If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind, then you are nutrient deficient.  More specifically, you are mineral deficient.

It makes no difference how healthy you may eat … if you are experiencing symptoms of any kind, then you are mineral deficient and in time, that deficiency will continue to cause greater damage.

So the real barrier to good health, weight stability, healing and youthful longevity is nothing more than providing your fabulous body with what it needs nutritionally, as long as it is specific to you.

Unless a program, healing modality, alternative therapy, herbal remedy or nutritional program is designed specifically for you, based on your very specific needs, how can it truly work?

This is why we see some programs or products working for a small number of people while not working for the rest.

How is RBTI Different?

The RBTI Program is a re-mineralization routine that is specific to you. RBTI does not seek to diagnose ailments.  There is no need since all ailments have the same cause.  However, you must be willing to follow a routine.  If you are not, then RBTI will be of little use to you.

*Note:  Your RBTI program or routine, only lasts as long as it takes to correct your deficiencies.

For those who are willing to follow a routine, please read on …

The RBTI Program

… is based on your personal deficiencies and how to correct them. This is NOT a calorie based diet. There are no menu plans to follow.  Since this program is designed for the individual, a food that may be unhealthy for one person could be perfectly healthy for you so menus would be useless.

Instead, there are food lists based on the energy they provide versus the energy they use. This is a very different way to look at food as related to health.

RBTI Success Rates

RBTI boasts a remarkable success rate; one far greater than the medical establishment has ever accomplished and there is a very good reason for this. It is because RBTI is a system of analysis rather than diagnosis (based on symptoms) and, it is only through analysis of  a person’s body chemistry that we can be certain what a person is lacking nutritionally.


Analysis is something that is accurate and repeatable time and time again. With analysis, there can be only one answer and it must apply at all times and in all situations consistently

So how can we use RBTI to determine what our mineral deficiencies are and correct them?

To achieve this, a baseline must be established.  Think of it like this.  We want to perform an analysis (test) on human body temperature.  We want to know if a person has a fever.   In order to determine if the person’s temperature is higher than it should be, we need something to compare it to.  We need a baseline.  That baseline is 98.6 degrees and it is the same for all human beings.  It is consistent and accurate so we know we can use it to compare a person’s temperature to.

In RBTI, that baseline is known as … The Equation for Perfect Health

Equation is centralBecause The Equation for Perfect Health is a mathematical representation of the perfect human body chemistry, it can be used as a baseline.  This allows a person to do lab quality testing and analysis on both urine and saliva from the privacy of home.  A person’s numbers (test results) can then be compared to the numbers in the equation.


The Equation for Perfect Health

The EquationReading the Equation:

  • 1.5 – Carbohydrates (sugar or Brix number)
  • 6.4 – PH for both saliva & urine.  Urine is the top number.
  • 6 to 7C – Conductivity (salts number)
  • .04M – Cellular Debris (indicates rate of cell death & decay)
  • 3 – Urea (nitrogen), for both Nitrate (upper number) and Ammonium (lower number)

These numbers represent the perfect, fully mineralized, human body chemistry.  To further clarify the meaning of these numbers, let’s take a look at them one by one.

Carbohydrate Reading (sugar) – Being in the healthy “A” range of 1.2 to 1.9 denotes an adequate energy level in the body.

Urine pH Reading – Being in the healthy “A” range of 6.3 to 6.49 denotes a proper mineral balance in the body, primarily calcium.  This is also the reading that will tell you whether or not you are cationic or anionic (acidic or alkaline.)

Saliva pH Reading – Being in the healthy “A” range of 6.3 to 6.49 denotes sufficient digestive enzymes.

Conductivity Reading (salts) – Being in the healthy “A” range of 6 to 7 denotes a healthy balance of electrolytes.

Cellular Debris Reading – Being at .04M verifies the removal of worn out cells from the body, with the replacement of new ones (healing.)  This number can also show the lack of healthy replacement (degeneration, aging, disease.)

Urea Nitrate Reading (nitrogen oxide, anionic, metabolic waste of protein in) – Being in the healthy “A” range of 3 to 3.5 verifies that the body is processing proteins efficiently and is not overwhelmed with toxicity.

Urea Ammonium Reading (nitrogen sulfate, cationic, metabolic waste of protein out) – Being in the healthy “A” range of 3 to 3.5 verifies the removal of this toxic metabolic byproduct and a healthy balance of Potassium.

With a bit of urine and saliva, Dr. Reams could use the above 5 readings and compare them to the Equation (the perfect numbers) and pinpoint your body chemistry to such a degree that he could tell you what you had for dinner the evening prior.

Through testing and comparison to The Equation for Health, a person can pinpoint exactly what their mineral deficiencies are and provide the body with what it so desperately needs.

Your RBTI  Personal Program (initial steps):

  1. You identify your mineral deficiencies by performing the RBTI test from the comfort of your own home.  These are the mineral deficiencies that lead to illness, disease and premature aging.
  2. Compare your test results to the Equation for Perfect Health.
  3. Use the RBTI Mineral & Nutrient Charts to Design Your Personal Re-Mineralization Program.
  4. Monitor your numbers by retesting from time to time.  If you begin to experience a deficiency, you can correct it immediately.

RBTI Your Personal Guide to Perfect Health CoverRBTI Your Personal Guide to Perfect Health – 3rd Edition

An easy, practical, step-by-step guide for the RBTI Program, covering Testing & Design.


Page Count: 71 pages

RBTI – Your Personal Guide to Perfect Health is about body chemistry.  More specifically, it is about your personal body chemistry and the way in which it effects your health.

To regain what was lost, whether it be that slim, firm body; that unbridled youth and energy, or most important, your overall good health, RBTI can help.

You will simply perform your own RBTI test on your urine and saliva, then compare your test numbers (results) to the numbers in the Equation for Perfect Health.  This equation represents the baseline for perfect health and it is flawless.

If your numbers don’t match, and it is rare that they do on the first test, then you are not well whether you perceive yourself as well or not.  If your numbers are not a match to the numbers in the Equation, then you are losing energy and it is this energy loss that causes the breakdown of our body and the appearance of all those symptoms.

Dr. Reams said that, “The first day we do not take in as much energy as we burn, is the first day of illness.”

Once you’ve performed your test, you then match your test numbers to the nutritional charts in this book to create your personal program.

As your numbers are moving closer to the numbers in the Equation for Perfect Health, you are healing and restoring your vital energy!  Once your numbers match the numbers in the Equation, your program is done.

What you will get with this book:

  • Clear, guided instructions for performing your own lab quality test in the comfort & privacy of your home.
  • Step by step charting to design your very own RBTI program, specific to you.
  • An Equipment list for your RBTI test kit.  No need to rush. Familiarize yourself with your new RBTI Program Charts & Instructions first. Then, when you’re ready, you can follow the links in the Resources Appendix of your book, to purchase your equipment.  For a list of the RBTI equipment [click here]
  • Resources for original RBTI supplements as designed by Dr. Reams, if temporarily required.  The further your numbers are from the Equation, the greater your loss of energy and intensity of symptoms.  This, at times, will require supplemental assistance but ultimately, the goal is no supplements at all.
  • Resources for instructional videos and practitioners.
  • Advanced charting to make personal program design easy and trackable
  • Clickable table of contents for easy navigation..
  • Searchable by keyword or phrase for quick reference.  Find the information you need, when you need it most!
  • Free Edition updates when you join the “Updates” mailing list.  We have customers that started with our 1st Edition and have received Editions 2 & 3, before public release, absolutely Free!

In addition, when you purchase “RBTI – Your Personal Guide to Perfect Health”, you will also receive …

The 6~n~1 Detox – Then & Now.

6n1 Then & Now Book CoverOriginally developed by June M. Wiles of Nutritional Counselors of America, this intensive, nutrient rich cleansing was widely used by those who were following the RBTI Program.

For any health program to truly succeed, there must be a cleansing; a washing away of that which has polluted the body.  In short, we live in a toxic environment, from the food we eat to the air we breathe, we are bombarded on a daily basis.  Even our drinking water has become a chemical cocktail.

In its day, the 6~n~1 Detox was making its mark as a nutrient rich, natural detoxifier, extracting those toxic elements that tend to accumulate through life and speed up the process of cellular damage (aging, illness and disease).

Since then, many new developments have taken place; developments that have brought to light new ways to cleanse our body while providing it with revitalizing minerals as well as pulling & eliminating heavy metals and deep tissue toxins.  We can even eliminate these toxins without the horrible side effects that can result when the body dumps large amounts of toxins into the system for elimination.

Page Count:  24 pages

Your health is the core of your life. It is what determines whether you will have a good day or bad, a productive day or not. It is the difference between truly enjoying your life or just making it from one day to the next. The last thing in the world you want is for someone else to have control over it.

Reclaim power over your health!

“RBTI Your Personal Guide to Perfect Health”
with Printable Program Guide & companion text
“The 6~n~1 Detox-Then & Now

Download Now!